Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Art Club - 21st October 2009

Art Club: The Organic Approach: Stage 4

Here are the Art club children completing stage 4 of the organic approach. The children had to draw their original picture again, but this time creating a collage. The children tried to keep the colours similar to the original picture.
Keep an eye out for our next lesson where the children learn how to make a relief print!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Art Club - 14th October 2009

The Organic Approach

Here are some pictures of the children completing stage 3 of the organic approach. The children had to draw their original picture again, this time in preparation to paint. They only had the use of primary colours and had to use their knowledge of mixing colours to create the shade that they wanted.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Art Club 2009

As a new term has begun, so has a new Art Club.

This term, Miss Simmonds has choosen three children from each Key Stage 2 class to take part.

The children are learning an 'Organic Approach' to Art. An Organic Approach is where the children are given the opportunity to use a variety of media for the same picture, allowing them to see the progression in each stage.

The first step of the Organic Approach is to create a pencil drawing. The children then moved onto recreating the picture using charcoal. Over the next few weeks they will recreate their original drawing in paint, collage and print.
All art work will be on show in the school towards the end of term.
Here are some pictures of Art Club.... Keep a look out for more pictures coming soon!

A Clown Fish byDemi Turpin 6M

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Year 3 get creative!

Autumn Term Art Club!
A number of Year 3 children have been very fortunate to be a part of an Art club with Miss Simmonds.
The club is held every Wednesday at 3:10pm in the Art Room.
They have had so much fun. They have been learning lots of new things to do in art.
They have learnt how to draw a portrait properly, how to make a design using finger painting, pastels and collage.
For Halloween, they created a pumpkin out of clay and for their last time at the club, created a black and white nature montage.
After half term there is a chance for another 15 children to come to the club and have fun!

Here are the children enjoying themselves!